Saying goodbye to your forties?

Well, I am soon to turn 49 years old.  The end of an era and staring 50 virtually in the face.   If turning 50 is anything like turning 30 and 40 well let’s just say the anticipation was far greater than the reality.

It is custom to celebrate milestones of the big O’s but as xxxx said if you do the same thing over and over you get the same results.  So I have decided that I am going to leave my forties with a bang and endeavour to try to do or try something differeint for everyday of my 49 year.

I would love you to come on my adventure with me.   If you have something that you think I should try that I haven’t already then please leave me a comment.   I am open to trying new food, new experiences and new treatments.  And I will tell you all about these on a weekly basis.



Author: making49count

Hey - I am firstly and most importantly a single mum to my two children, PR expert, fashion lover, blogger and just 12 short month's off turning five-0. Help me make the most of my last year of my forties by following my blog and suggesting new experiences, treatments, food, drink and fashion and lifestyle and I will tell you all about it here so you know what is worth it and what isn't!

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